Tales & Tails

by Civilized Creature

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released April 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Civilized Creature Gig Harbor, Washington

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Track Name: Your Heart Beat
Am I missing your heartbeat
Do I hear when your voice speaks
Or is all of this just me
Am I missing your heartbeat

Ooooo-ooo Ooooo-ooo
Ooooo-ooooooo (x2)

Am I missing your heartbeat
Do I hear when your voice speaks
Or is all of this just me
Am I missing your heartbeat

You're not giving me up
You're not giving me up
You're not giving me up
Even when my heart is running
You're giving me all your lovin'
You're giving me flesh and blood and
that pulse that keeps on pumpin'. (x2)

Ooooo-ooooooo (x2)

Am I missing your heartbeat
Do I hear when your voice speaks
Or is all of this just me
Am I missing your heartbeat
Track Name: Spirit & Flesh
It's a part of me
deeper than my veins and arteries
The heart of me
past the marrow and bone
molecule and soul are sown
The art it me
reflected through every part of me
brings me hard onto my knees
I am not my own
heart and flesh before the throne

I've got a whole lot of spirit building up in me
I've got a whole lot of spirit building up in me
I've got a whole lot of spirit building up in me
In the name of the word and flesh I'm set free

Matter and molecules molecules matter
Body serves soul not the soul to the latter
Separate one then you separate the other
Two serve one soul father body mother
Dust will return to the dust that it came from
But the same sword of the word that divides them
raises up the body seed that is sown
regenerate flesh reunited to the soul

I've got a whole lot of spirit building up in me
I've got a whole lot of spirit building up in me
I've got a whole lot of spirit building up in me
In the name of the word and flesh I'm set free
Track Name: I AM, With Me
You are, who You are, who You are You are
You are, who You are (x2)

And You want to be with me
You want to be with me (x2)
Track Name: Tomorrow Worry
Oh tomorrow oh tomorrow what to do where to go
Gotta get that dollar pay the rent buy food and clothes food and clothes
Well it seems that no one cares or knows cares or knows how its going
And every day has got a trouble of its own of its own

Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself
Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself

Do you see the birds up in the air they don’t reap they don’t sow
Look at the lilies of the field how they grow how they grow

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness
and these will be given to you
Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness
and these will be given to you

Do not be Afraid. Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid I will be the peace that you’ve unmade

I Am I Am I Am I will be
all you need your hope and your strength
I Am I Am
Track Name: For Victims
I will not be your victim
but these chains you've place on me
cannot be shed by the hands of man
only by the blood shed on the tree (x2)

You can't control our behavior
or isolate us again
Who I am is not defined by who you say I am
The blame for what you've done
it will not fall on me
But someones got to carry this weight
cause it's robbing all of my peace

Hate in response to hate begets hate
Love puts an end to the death hate makes (x2)

I will not be your victim
but these chains you've place on me
cannot be shed by the hands of man
only by the blood shed on the tree (x2)

This fight was never a fair one
and unsought it was lost
but we're no longer the victims
we're survivors of that cost
We may not lose the memory
but the damage that was wrought
Can be redeemed from hatred
to the right grief of that loss

Hate in response to hate begets hate
Love puts an end to the death hate makes (x2)

It's not your fault, It's not your fault
It was never your fault
It's not your fault, It's not your fault
It was never your fault

I will not be your victim
but these chains you've place on me
cannot be shed by the hands of man
only by the blood shed on the tree (x2)
Track Name: Gen To Rev
Everlasting union 123, love self sufficient eternity
space time matter molecule galaxy, light dark earth land water and sea
plant life creature crawl animal tree, wisdom vision word spoke let it be
man woman union humanity, perfection diversion calamity

viral spiral blood bone teeth destruction confusion dark history,
wickedness water sterilize clean, sky color spectrum fresh family
curse root lineage heart soul disease, generation lost dark code in the genes
one man baby seed sand vision seen, promise & covenant sons on the team

Abraham & Isaac offering, replacement ram the cup to drink,
Esau Jacob stolen blessing, vision of a ladder when Jacob fleeing
wrestle with the Lord then Joseph and a dream, jealousy back stabbing slavery
rise up to power in spite of what should be, darkness brokenness made into a king

grace reunited family he would bring, south to the east to survive famines sting
many many kings new power hand flings, whips bloody backs cries rise and they ring
out to the heavens to the Almighty, mercy purpose and power He will bring
strong hand weak man unburning, bush with a call and a song to sing

orders to pharaoh many signs to show, blood water hail pestilence will flow
heart made of stone yes yes then a no, true King to lower case king “let ‘em go”
free to the sand no soil to grow, enemy pursuit fire pillar no hope
hand of eternal cut the waters flow, chosen cross water enemy below

mountain of fire heaven trumpets blow, word on stone so the people will know
set apart stubborn heart but still he chose, the least of these so to make his grace known

consecrated tabernacle tent to meet, ark of the covenant mercy seat
bloody offering atonement meat, vision of the future into what will come to be
mans heart and flesh given purity, edge of the land flow milk and honey
giants in the land we will see defeat, The great I AM brings the victory
weak against strong with a win for the weak, only with the Lord will the land be beat
set eyes otherwise loss a certainty, curse to the people only children will see

fruit of the promise and the fruit they will eat, fathers bowed down to the earth to the beast
death of a leader and a new one rise, sons of a promise and the great enterprise,
Fortified walls and a harlot spies, grafted in woman that saved the mens lives
more water cross Jordan split at the sides, ring around the rosy 6 seventh time
blast to the trumpets and the people let a cry, all fall down wall stones inside,
battle after battle with the wicked local tribes, sacrificed their babies satisfy their idols eyes
underdog victor land they divide, promise continuity but hearts forget the light,
darkness spreads from their hands like night, men pursue evil like evil was right
Levite man with the Benjamites, desecrate the woman brought with the Levite
Justice sought and the violent type, bloodshed blood red floods ground from the fight
Hebron Eglon left hand knife, belly stab then Barak killed by a wife,
Gideon and his men the Midianites, Death of Abimalech oppression at its heights

Son is born grown into a man, Honey and a riddle from out of a lion
love affair from the Philistine clan, struck down a thousand men jawbone in his hand,
pride and a haircut brought to an end, at his last breath killed many men again
Samuel dedicated “Here I am”, Elis sons serve self then canned

Philistine army take the ark of the Name, Power of the Name brings the ark back to them,
Never the less each and every man, does right in his own sight all through the land
People want a king with a sword that’ll stand, hold back enemy seek to expand,
Samuel knows its a slope to quicksand, but the Almighty works in spite of the flames fanned

Benjamiite man stood strong & tall, father man of valor the son named Saul,
Word to the prophet he’s the man for the call, oil on the head appointed before all,
fight with the Ammorites Saul wins the brawl, heart grows hard set up for downfall,
Shepherd boy brave though Shepherd boy small, called to replace Saul locked in a stall,

Philistine army and Israel met, Valley of Elah giant has upset,
army with his challenge the people full of dread, Saul still king and beginning to fret
Shepherd boy David with a strong mindset, journey to the army to deliver Cheese & bread,
Challenge of the of giant and David becomes beset, with justice courage in spite of the giants Threat,
Attack in the name of the one Godhead, stone from a sling cracked skull giant bled,
Giant tumbles down to the ground and he’s dead, Philistine army full of fear and they fled,
Israel singi ng out praise to David, Saul filled with bitterness and jealousy instead
Irony David best friends with his kid, Flee from the king before king blood sheds,
Saul on the hunt David cave for a bed, armed and fed from the priest temple bread,
Spared kings life, cut robe showed thread, Saul bipolar with a rage then depressed
David gains power when put to the test, not from his own might alone cause he’s blessed
Saul and sons die sword through the chest, David reigns on as God acquiesced

Plans for a house of the Lord ark fetched, David takes another mans wife called wretch,
Rebuke from the mouth of the prophet for the mess, curse of the firstborn child and a death

many sons more and the sons contest, brother fights brother brother father dispossessed
Psalms of praise and psalms of distress, even in the midst of the depths king profess
God as Lords as King as the best, David a picture of the future not yet,
Son Solomon the heritage begets, Wisdom given a temple that God gets

visit from a Queen Queen gives many gifts, too many women brings idols and rifts,
Kingdom divided and the peoples hearts drift, king after wicked king the land split
legacy dark peoples hearts omit, the words of the covenant the kings not fit,
Ahab Elijah prophecy tiff, no rain prophet fed the ravens deliver it,

Fire on the mountain, false priests take a hit, Elijah calls Elisha rides a fire chariot
widow and the flour and oil that won’t quit, dead back to life the power the spirit,
Joash in the temple and he inherits, the kingdom leads the land to Gods merit,
Hosea Joel, & Amos the Lords prophets, both woe to the land but a future promise,
Jonah Ninenevah the belly of the fish, Reign of Ahaz further wickedness,
Isaiah sees a future where the people will exist, in love and harmony no more weapons
death of a God man sure to rise again, Prince of peace who is born to a virgin,
He will pay the price that turns enemies to friends, both enemies of God and the enemies of men

Israel captive Babylon, Hezekiah sick prophet prays and its gone,
Isaiah with a prophecy of restoration, Psalms of Korah, Micah and Nahum,
Jeremiah called Josiah reigns on, Jehoiakim wicked and the covenenant is gone
Daniel and the king the den of the lion, Ezekial riverside has a vision,

Siege of the city the fall of Jerusalem, God takes vengence Ammon and Edom,
Lamentations psalms of desolation, Ezekiel on the tower called the watchman,
Valley of dry bones ressurection, Vision of the city restored once again,
Shadrach Mesach Abednego end, up in the fire no knee to bend,
down to the idol of the King God sends, Word in flesh in the fire with them,
Daniel and the 4 beasts goat and a ram, Exiles return to rebuild once again,
Haggai Zechariah word of God to men, Temple restored with a dedication,
Esther Mordecai hate from Haman, plan of destruction plots of revenge,
Plot twist plan to destroy takes a spin, Haman is hung which was not his intent,
Ezra Nehemiah homeward went, Exiles back in the land a census
Walls built ridicule Israel repents, Listen to the law and seal the covenant,
Malachi offerings worthless spent, heart of the fathers back to children

Zechariah in the temple served, Angel son promise not a word
Elizabeth with child for your prayers were heard, he will lead the way for the Lord and serve
Mary also from an angel learned, even though a virgin she’d give birth,
Son of the Most High here on earth, and Mary believed what was told to her

Mighty God and Counselor, Jesus the name to which he will refer
Casaer requires all to register, Joseph and Mary with child will return,
to Bethlehem where the child is born, no room in the inn baby rests in the barn,
Gifts of the Magi from afar, signs in the sky and the light of a star

Escape from Herod and his wicked heart, King in a rage babies ripped apart,
Back from Egypt brand new start, Jerusalem temple the young man smart
learning in the courts of his Fathers house, Mary wonders what its all about,
John baptizing calls the leaders out, Father Son Spirit when Jesus is doused,
Walk in the desert 40 days without, bread to eat devil speaks in doubts
12 disciples called to him, no longer catch fish but fish for men,
Water to wine and its time to begin, water of life to a Samaritan
Sermon on the mount let the meek ones in, fulfilment of the law to men looks different,

Broken bodies made whole again, enemies of law made into friends,
Eyes gain sight delivered from demons, hearts that are bound are given a freedom,
free from self and from religion, Literally a soul can be born again,
Bread of life and for the 5000, death approaches on the horizon,
John James Peter on a high mountain, Jesus revealed transfiguration
least of these inherit the kingdom, the one to be first is the one at the end,
Adulterous woman by Him forgiven, let the first to throw a stone be the one without sin,
Final Journey to Jerusalem, The people celebrate as he rides in,

back of a donkey, bread and a lamb, wine is blood and body broken,
Master is a servant to the men, Do as I do unto others then,
Love is how I’ll be shown to them, but some will hate you without reason,
Do not fear the Holy Spirit will come, And what we’ve started has just begun,

Whatever the father commands the son, in love on earth my work is done,
Judas leaves the table and runs, to betray the Lord to the jealous ones,
Can’t see past works of their own they’ve done, no Grace in their own eyes heaven won,
Jesus weeps in the dark garden, kiss of the traiter and soldiers the soldiers come

Arrested taken to the high priest, mocked by the guards blindfolded and beat,
questioned and falsely charged with deceit, “are you the Son of God” answered “I am He”,
teachers of the law cry blasphemy, Are you his disciple Peter says not me,
Taken to Pilate early morning, Pilate asks if he is a king,

yes of a kingdom not yet seen, testify to truth to those listening,
Pilate says innocent people scream, out for his blood death penalty,
let the blood on us and our children be, Crown of thorns and the cross of a tree,
Place of the skull wine and gall to drink, crucified broken heart and body

Soldiers gamble for the clothes he wore, weight of the darkness of the world and more,
on his back and heart the Lord bore, in place of the penalty thats mine and yours,
separated from the father he adores, breathed out his last temple curtain tore,
spear to the side blood and water pour, buried in a tomb none had laid in before,

Tomb sealed tight with a rock as the door, Soldiers guard to ensure its secure,
Earthquake angel guards full of fear, women come to visit and an angel appears,
no living amongst the dead He’s not here, Christ is risen just like he made clear,
Women tell the men but the men just jeer, except for John and Simon Peter,

Run to the tomb to see if it’s true, Just as the women saw they see it too
Jesus appears to the men as proof, speaks to the brothers peace be with you,
All authority is mine and I am the truth, go to all the people as you’ve seen me do
in my name heart and body renew, til all of the world the message has spread through

Tend my sheep and feed my lambs, until the day I come back again
Then the Lord departed from them, rose from the earth into the heavens,
Those that knew God in flesh as friends, devoted their lives and hearts to him,
witnessing to the resurrection, then the spirit came like a fiery wind.

speaking in the languages of other men, crowd in the streets in awe and confusion,
Galilean men in Jerusalem, spoke languages of lands to which they have never been,
Peter stands up call for attention, men will dream dreams and sons have visions,
The savior has come with salvation, to deliver the world from death and corruption,

believe in his name crooked generation, for the name of the man is God’s own son
that day many signs and wonders were done, thousands of new hearts and souls were won
meeting and breaking bread together in their homes, sharing what they had as if it were not their own,
a man is healed who was crippled in his bones, leaders are annoyed Jesus names being shown,

John and Peter are arrested and told, stop what you’re doing but the men are bold,
What we have seen we will not withhold, the spirit of God will not be controlled,
A man named Stephen shares and unfolds, the full history of Israel,
rightly accuses the listening people, and their fathers of the prophets they killed,
The people enraged grab stones and pelt, Stephen to death Saul claims the blood spilt,
Saul to the church persecution dealt, followers of Christ scattered all about
Judea Samaria house to house, off to the jail pulled the Christians out,
Apostles still haven’t shut their mouths, working wonders in the name they espouse,

Philip spreads the truth all around, For a man on the road breaks the gospel down,
Saul with hate to Damascus town, Light from heaven shone falls to the ground,
“why do you persecute” Saul hears the sound, loss of sight Ananias propounds,
the truth of the spirit and the spirit resounds in the heart of Saul and his vision is unbound,

Saul a new man and he starts to share, the word in Damascus and everywhere,
Meanwhile Peter healing those in need of care, vision of the sheet and animals in the air,
rise and eat but Peter doesn’t dare, What the Lord calls clean is clean and fair,
Man Cornelius offered up a prayer, and God brought Peter for a purpose there,

Gentiles too are made aware, of the holy Spirit everywhere,
King Herod treats the Apostles unfair, James is killed Peter placed in a jail,
Herod by the people as god is hailed, delights in their words and by worms he fell
Peter meanwhile delivered from his cell, An angel came in to let him out,

Saul and Barnabas to Cyprus go, Perga Antioch, sailed from Paphos,
telling all they meet of the gospel they know, many men believe as many men behold,
Iconium, Lystra, Saul is stoned, back to Perga as a temporary Home,
Jerusalem council, covenant of the old, new covenant with grace as the hold

Corinth Phillipi the people in Rome, to Ephesus, Colossi Galatia, seeds sown,
Many more travels of Paul could be told, many letters written to the church he had known,
Prison was the setting for the words that he wrote, Festus Agrippa the truth were shown,
Shipwreck into the ocean thrown, made it to Rome his prison is his home,
Still preaching out bout Christ on the thrown, challenge the people for a dull heart grown,
Letter to the Hebrews Jude writes his own, with the teachers that are false Jude picks a bone,
call to persevere when lost and alone, John writes letters of the light that had shone,
banished to an island by the name Patmos, prisoner of Rome but still had Shalom

John has a vision a prophecy, of many future things that will come to be,
To the churches of Asia grace and peace, from the firstborn of the dead the true King
By whose blood we are children and priests, to the one who was and is and will be,
John sees a man and falls at his feet, more than a man and to death has the key,

Seven Stars seven churches and a mystery, the one who conquers will eat from the tree
tree of life, some will not go free, some bow to Baal and immorality,
Some hearts cold and some hearts see, Hold to your first love hold to Me,
I knock at the door open up and see, I will come in and with you I will eat,

John looks to heaven sees glass like a sea, One on a throne round the throne others seats,
Creatures with eyes whose cries never cease, to say Holy Holy Holy,
is the Lord God Almighty, who is and is to come the elders speak,
Worthy are you to receive Glory, for through you and by you were created all things,

Seven sealed scrolls` who will open it and bring, Forth what it is to come no weeping,
worthy is the Lamb of honor and blessing, to open the scroll all fall before the King,
Thousands of thousands and myriads sing, of the one who was slain for the ransoming,
of the people of the earth from deaths dark sting, the Lion of Judah begining and ending

First scrolls seal is broken open, voice like thunder from the creature cries come,
behold a white horse and a rider on him, bow and crown to conquer are given,
second seal red horse peace taken, no peace on earth and man slays man,
third seal black horse scales in hand, of the rider making food scarce all through the land

fourth seal death bringing Hades rode and ran, on a pale horse wreaking desolation
fifth seal opened souls cry to be avenged, for their blood shed when they spoke of God to men
sixth seal earthquakes sky is rent, moon blood red stars fall man spent
Chosen of Israel sealed and sent, a great multitude brought from every nation,

saying only from the Lamb comes salvation, God on the throne blessing glory wisdom,
thanks and honor and power Amen, forever and ever and ever and again,

And he will guide them to the springs of life, and God will wipe away the tears from their eyes,

Seventh seal opened and a silent spell, half of an hour seven trumpets dealt,
censor of incense and an offering smell, prayers of the saints as thunder felt,
first trumpet blast hail and fire fell, second trumpet burning mountain into sea swell,
trumpet number 3 3rd of waters bad as well, 4th trump 3rd of light of heaven turned out

Eagle flies overhead cries with a shout, woe to the dwellers of earth for whats about,
to happen when the final trumpets go to their mouths, trumpet #5 then locusts enroute
Trump number 6 angels dealt death blow, 3rd of mankind falls in fire and smoke,
Still many won’t confess their false hope, and hold to their idols made of wood and stone,


another angel comes down with a little scroll, voice like thunder when the angel spoke,
John tries to write but the angel says no, but what you have seen just as the prophets told, will come to pass when that thunder rolls, and the mystery of God will be fulfilled and unfold,
John eats the scroll sweet bitter to the soul, he will prophesy to the people he will go,

witnesses two of them with sack cloth as clothes, out from their mouth the testimony flows,
beast wages war and lands a death blow, 3.5 days then the men rose,
up from the dead and their enemies froze, full of dread and an earthquake smote,
the land now at hand is the third of the “woes”, trumpet #7 heaven worship pose,

DYNAMIC UP ride in

Temple of God is then opened, ark of the covenant, thunder lightning,
woman in labor and a great dragon, cast down a third of stars from heaven,
woman gives birth to a child to a man, he will rule with a rod all the nations,
angels wage war with the dragon demons, cast out forever the deciever Satan,

he will never be accuser again, for he has been conquered by the blood of the Lamb,
beasts 1& 2 gain allegiance of men, 666 but the blameless stand,
angels herald Babylon fallen, death to her greed and lustful passions,
Blessed are the Lords and their deeds follow them, harvest of the earth with a sickle in hand,

7 plagues followed by 7 bowls poured, out on people of the \beast from the Lord,
Babylon crushed as a blood drunk whore, she will have dominion and power no more
Hallelujah, heavens praise pours forth, supper for the lamb rider on a white horse,
blood stained robe from his mouth comes a sword, on his robe and thigh king of kings lord of lords,

Wars with the sword, all the beasts fallen hordes, flesh of the fallen by the birds is gorged,
Satan bound tight with unbreakable cords, martyrs risen up for 1000 years in store,
Great white throne with a judgement before, name in the book death or life in accord,
new heaven and earth, and deaths closed door, and God dwells with his people forever more

John then gets a heavenly view, of the new Jerusalem walk through,
Tree of life with 12 new fruits, river of life flowing through its roots,
The One who said I am making all things new, is trustworthy and is true,
What He says he’ll do he’ll do, for those that accept and those that refuse,

The spirit and bride say come they woo, the one who is thirsty come and prove,
behold I will come and am coming soon, the bright morning star and Davids root,
if any of these words from the book removed, on that man these plagues will accrue
Come Lord Jesus come with truth, and may his grace be with all of you
Track Name: From The Lips of Infants
From the lips of infants and nursing babes
You have established your strength

When I consider the work of Your fingers
The moon and the stars that You have ordained
What is man that you take thought of him
The son of man that you would care

Yet you made him a little lower than God
and you crown him with glory
You make him to rule o'er the work of your hands
put all things under his feet
All the sheep and the oxen and the beasts of the fields
the birds that fly in the heavens
The fish that swim in the depths of the sea
and all that passes beneath

Oh LORD, our lord
How majestic is your name in all the earth
Oh LORD, our lord
How majestic is your name in all the earth (repeat)
(who has displayed Your splendor
above the heavens)