Beast of Formalities

by Civilized Creature

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released July 18, 2014

Written and Produced by RJL

Chorus Vox/Kileah McIlvain
Strings/Jamie Conzatti
Upright Bass/Jeff Baker

Drums: Peter Richardson



all rights reserved


Civilized Creature Gig Harbor, Washington

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Track Name: Age of the Egoist
Every man
from the first to the last man
is prone to believe “I am
better than the one’s who’ve already come”
Oh, under the light of the sun
All has been done
All has been done
Oh under the sun in the sky
everything dies
everything dies
Perilous days and times have come
when men whose love is spent for only
when men whose love is given to one
a lover of the self is a lover that is lonely
I am guilty I am one
What I believe that you believe that we believe
has left us broken and undone
has left this world wanting
Cold conscious molds
what we think what we know
When your holding onto everything your holding onto nothing
The wisdom of God is the talk of a fool
in the hearts of the so called wise of the age
only one Spirit can impart what is true
to the heart open eyes to rhythm of His ways
Break me out of this spell oh my God
would you wake me out of myself
it’s the age of the egoist
hearts in the darkest of night
every man his own judge of what is right
Track Name: Beast of Formalities
The eye of the beast, mind of the animal
eat, drink, sleep, clockwork ticks predictable,
broken but dependable
awful yet beautiful
but what of man surrendering his consciousness to animal
Oooo, theres something so much deeper in you
and in spite of this it’s gonna shine through
but every creature has a curtain close
so whats a higher consciousness to do
Take a knee for every knee will bow
whether or not you took the time to figure it out
Man you are the only living thing
that seeks to play the role of God supreme
More than an animal, but man you are creature still
Remember to remember you forget
Because the best or worst to come
is coming yet
We’re not even aware of the awareness
that we’re using to say
theres nothing more, taking for granted that we’re breathing today
And the breath you use
A little picture of a greater Holiness
Every being with a conscious is hearing the lie
that they’re so much greater or much leaser than life
either one will promise you the gift you will die
but man there is a promise that will open your eyes
Track Name: The Exchange
There has come a deliverer
The Ancient of days
who has prepared a way
for all that’s crooked to be straight
The word in flesh He dwelt with us
in bone & blood in ash and dust
Oh death tell me where’s your sting
you will not have the victory
For one has given Peace
To all who will believe To all who will believe.

Hearts of fathers will be turned unto their children
and the hearts of children to their fathers.
Beauty for ashes is the scandalous exchange
He took the penalty of what was justly due to my name
And now the valleys of dry bones will rise and walk again
The Word has come and is and will be true joy for every man.